Why You Might Want To Avoid Spicy Foods Before Having Sex

Some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to what they eat. Spicy foods, for example, can cause chaos in the gastrointestinal system of some, while others, who seem to have a stomach of steel, may not bat an eye after eating a teaspoon of wasabi. However, for those more sensitive to spicy foods, your body many be greatly affected by these foods, which means your sex life may be too (via LIVESTRONG). Keith-Thomas Ayoob, Ed.D, a New York-based dietician, tells LIVESTRONG that it's best to avoid foods that cause acid reflux, like chili peppers, prior to getting intimate to ensure you aren't interrupted by the unpleasant symptoms that can occur. 

Eating spicy foods prior to sexy time with your partner can cause more than just an embarrassing moment of regurgitation or stopping mid-sesh to run to the bathroom. As a matter of fact, if you or your lover prepared a spicy jalepeno-filled dish prior to having sex, you may be seriously sidelined by the heat...literally.

More spice in the bedroom

The oily compound in the peppers that makes them spicy, capsaicin, not only triggers heartburn, but also causes a painful burning on the skin. New Jersey-based OBGYN, Angela Jones, M.D., tells Bustle, "In addition to giving peppers their heat and spiciness, this chemical also causes a burning sensation when it comes into contact with skin, or mucous membranes; hence the common recommendation of not rubbing your eyes while cooking with peppers."

If you or your partner has this chemical on your hands, or in your mouth, your love making may quickly turn from passion to pain. Unfortunately, soap and water will not help the burning, as capsaicin is oily, so Dr. Jones says, "It might be wiser to use something like dish soap, rubbing alcohol, or fatty dairy products like yogurt or milk...If your vagina is 'on fire,' couldn't hurt to try." 

It can take time for the stinging to wear off, but when it is happening on your man or lady parts, it can feel like it's never-ending (per Bustle). According to Taste of Home, capsaicin will not actually cause damage to your skin, but will cause you pain, and ruin your evening, so if you are cooking with spicy peppers, like chili or ghost peppers, wear gloves or make it a movie night...just to be safe.