People Who Drink This Much Coffee Have Better Memory

For many people, a cup of coffee is the perfect way to jumpstart the day — and your brain. But now, researchers say there is some science behind why you may feel like your brain comes alive after your cup of joe.

According to researchers from the School of Medicine of the University of Minho in Portugal, people who drink three to five cups of coffee per day are more focused, with greater memory and learning capabilities (via Study Finds).

The study was done using MRI scans to study the connectivity in the brain and its structure in 31 regular coffee drinkers and 24 non-coffee drinkers while at rest, and also performing a mental task after having coffee. The coffee drinkers had more motor control and were less likely to let their minds wander, according to the study. The perks from coffee were almost immediate, with the benefits beginning just a short time after consumption. 

How coffee can also help your brain long-term

"The findings help to understand improving the effects of caffeine, highlighting improved motor control, increased levels of attention and alertness, and benefits in learning and memory," the study concluded.

This isn't a new finding, as previous studies have found positive links between consuming coffee and delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease, due to caffeine's anti-inflammatory properties. A University of California study found that people who drink 200 milligrams of caffeine had significant improvements on brain functioning tests, while also improving long-term brain function (via Additional benefits of coffee include lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes, which can also trigger Alzheimer's disease.

So keep enjoying that morning coffee and the positive effects it has on your brain — but be sure to do so in moderation. People who have consumed too much caffeine have reported negative side effects like headaches or jitteriness, according to researchers.