Is It Possible For Hats To Cause Hair Loss?

Pulling a hat on when leaving the house for sun protection is habitual for many. But you may be wondering if hats can cause hair loss? Don't toss the hat away yet, as experts say that myth is not true.

Hair loss is caused by preexisting genetics and hormonal influences. Male pattern baldness is typically caused by a sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male steroid hormone created by testosterone. When you are genetically sensitive to DHT, normal amounts can bind and miniaturize your hair follicles, meaning your hair follicles don't grow like they used to, and eventually cause hair loss (via Hims).

While wearing a hat typically does not cause hair loss, it is possible it can affect preventable hair loss, or traction alopecia. This is because anything can cause hair loss when there is pulling on the scalp, according to WebMD. Traction alopecia is often along the sides of your scalp, but a hat that pulls on the crown of your head may also spark hair loss there.

How you can battle hair loss

Experts say hats are usually not specifically the cause of hair loss, but if you feel any scalp tenderness after wearing your hair in a certain style or after wearing a hat, it is a sign your hair has been pulled too tight.

Other factors that can cause temporary hair loss are your dietary and health habits, according to Hims. You will also want to ensure your scalp stays healthy and clean, especially in hot climates when you are sweating, and keep your scalp comfortable by not wearing anything too tight on your head.

So how can you battle hair loss? Adding in products for hair loss like hair thickening shampoo or hormonal shampoos can help. If you are experiencing hair loss or are genetically prone to hair loss, taking action early on is recommended. In those cases, seeing a medical professional for treatment options before hair loss occurs can be beneficial.