What Is An Itchy Jawline A Sign Of?

The itching sensation can be difficult to deal with — especially when it's on your face. Everyone always says scratching makes it worse, but what can you do when the itching is too irritating to ignore?

Your itchy chin likely has an easy solution. It can be as simple as dry skin, allergies, reaction to a medication, irritation from facial hair or shaving, or contact with some sort of irritant (via Healthline). In these cases, washing the area and applying a sensitive, moisturizing lotion may do the trick. If you believe it could be allergy or medication-related, it may require a bit more digging to find the cause and subsequently avoid it.

However, an itchy chin could be a sign of an underlying condition. Conditions that affect the blood, kidneys, liver, or thyroid gland could cause a long-term itch without a rash (via Medical News Today). The treatment for the itch would vary based on what condition you're diagnosed with, but can range from specific creams, antihistamines or other medications.

Itchy jawline warning signs for other conditions

An itchy chin has also been reported as a warning sign of an oncoming asthma attack up to 48 hours before the occurrence. The itching is typically accompanied by persistent coughing, tightness in the chest, and an itchy throat, according to Healthline.

Aging is another factor to consider when battling an itchy chin. As you age, your body's pH levels change and has a reduced ability to retain water — resulting in dry, easily irritable skin, according to Medical News Today. Moisturizer will be your friend in this situation, as well.

If you're dealing with an itchy chin that won't seem to go away, it's best to consult your team of medical professionals. Whether it be as simple as a skin condition or something more complicated requiring investigation, diagnosis leads to treatment, which in turn will hopefully stop your itching in its tracks.