The Real Reason You Might Get The Hiccups When You're Drunk

As it turns out, drinking alcohol can give you the hiccups. In fact, alcohol is a known trigger for them. This is largely due to alcohol's effect on your stomach and gastrointestinal system (via Healthline). Hiccups are an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm — a skeletal muscle that separates your abdomen from your chest and pulls air into your lungs.

While it is uncertain what exactly causes these spasms, hiccups can be triggered by anything that causes your stomach to distend. This can include beer and carbonated beverages, like sparkling water and soda. Swallowing air when eating or drinking too fast can also trigger hiccups. That's because your stomach sits right below your diaphragm. When your stomach becomes distended, it puts pressure on your diaphragm, resulting in hiccups. Alcohol can also irritate your esophagus and digestive system, increasing the production of acid in your stomach. This may cause acid reflux, which can also trigger hiccups.

How to get rid of hiccups

Although hiccups usually go away on their own, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process. If your hiccups are causing discomfort and lasting longer than you'd like, you can try to get rid of them by holding your breath (via Insider). Interrupting your breathing cycle relaxes your diaphragm by allowing carbon dioxide to build up in the lungs. This is one of the most common and useful ways to stop yourself from hiccuping.

You can also drink cold or iced water. This can help soothe your irritated diaphragm, allowing it to relax and return to its normal function. Furthermore, you can get rid of your hiccups by popping your ears. This can be done by pinching your nose and exhaling with your mouth closed for up to 15 seconds. Called the Valsalva maneuver, this technique can effectively interrupt your hiccup reflex. Just make sure you don't exhale too forcefully. Doing so can cause damage to your inner ear.