The Best Way To Loosen Tight Muscles

If you've been feeling grouchy lately — it may be time to loosen up. Your muscles, that is. As contradictory as it sounds, tight muscles can be the result of either inactivity or an intense workout (via Medical News Today). Whatever the cause of your tight muscles, if it is not serious, there are a variety of ways you can provide quick and easy relief.

If you're at home, first try simply taking a rest, or massaging the area. This might be enough to make a difference. If your muscles are still feeling tight, try applying heat using an electric heating pad or hot pack. If the area is swollen, a cold pack may work better to reduce the inflammation (via Healthline).

One specific area of your body where you have likely experienced stiffness is in your legs, especially if you are someone who tends to sit a lot. This is because when you sit for long periods, the muscles that flex your knee joints become accustomed to being in this position. As simple as it sounds, making sure you get up every once in a while to stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles could make a big difference in how you feel not only in your legs, but in your entire body. (via VerywellFit).

Other ways to loosen tight muscles

In addition to stretches, a hard foam roller may provide relief for your tight leg or back muscles. To use a foam roller, simply place the roller on the floor beneath the muscle area you are targeting and roll slowly back and forth to release tension (via Livestrong).

Another area of the body where you may frequently experience muscle tightness is your neck. Again, taking a little time out of your day to attend to the tightness can make a noticeable difference. Try a series of slow, gentle head tilts forward and back, as well as gentle tilts from side to side. And don't leave the shoulders out of the mix. While standing, do a half a dozen shoulder rolls forward, and then in reverse for some quick relief (via WebMD).

And, of course, there are preventive measures you can take to help keep your muscle tightness at bay, such as managing your stress levels through mindfulness and meditation, taking a relaxing holiday break, or trading laps around the track for laps in the pool (via OnlinePhysio).

Once you discover what methods work for you, try to make these a regular practice to help maintain a happier, healthier body.