What Water Aerobics Can Do For Your Body

Water aerobics can be a fantastic way to work out, as the benefits are numerous. The secret has to do with buoyancy, or the force water puts on the body. Water places more resistance on your muscles than air, resulting in greater strength, flexibility, and endurance (via Healthline).

If you've ever noticed a feeling of lightness while in the water, it's because the water is supporting some of your weight. Although you may physically feel as if you weigh less, moving through water puts more resistance on your body. Working against that resistance can lead to improved agility and better balance. As with other aerobic exercises, water workouts improve heart health and reduce stress (via Mayo Clinic).

While you might not burn as many calories doing water aerobics as you would during a high-impact aerobic session, you will still burn a significant amount of calories. Coupled with a healthy diet, aerobic exercises in water are a fun and alternative way to stay active (via LiveStrong).

Water aerobics is easy on the joints

Not only does working out in water build strength and endurance, but it's also easy on the joints, making it the perfect exercise for people with joint issues such as arthritis. This goes back to water being buoyant, which puts less stress on the joints (via Everyday Health).

However, less stress does not mean that you won't feel sore after a workout, especially if you are new to the sport. It's normal to feel a little sore after a water workout, but not so sore that you cannot move. Remember, it takes about six weeks to build muscle, and the stronger you get, the less sore you will be after a session.

If water aerobics sounds like something you'd enjoy, look in your area for a class. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns, and see if water aerobics is right for you.