Nick Jonas' Injury Explained

Beloved American pop star, Broadway vet, and fan-fave coach on NBC's "The Voice" Nick Jonas, reportedly took a tumble from a two-wheeler while on set filming a new show, according to People

The 28-year-old singer spilled the beans about his accident just before the live performance of "The Voice" Top Nine semi-finals got underway. "I'm feeling okay," he said. "I've been better, but I'm doing all right." He went on to reveal more details about his injury, saying how the accident resulted in a cracked a rib as well as some other bumps and bruises after falling off a bike. "I just want to go ahead and say that, in case I'm not as physically enthusiastic as I usually am. Blake, please don't make me laugh too much because it kind of hurts," Jonas announced.

The "Blake" to whom Jonas is referring, of course, is fellow "Voice" coach and country music balladeer Blake Shelton, who's known for his joking personality and for poking fun at his fellow coaches. So, naturally, Shelton couldn't let Jonas off the hook without some, er, gentle ribbing. "You're just trying to get sympathy votes on this show," Shelton said. Thankfully for the injured Jonas, Shelton didn't push further with his usual side-splitting humor.

How serious is a cracked rib?

A "cracked" rib is essentially the same as a broken rib, and while a broken rib sounds serious, it's actually a fairly common injury. A cracked or broken rib is, in fact, often caused by a fall similar to Jonas' accident (via Mayo Clinic). As long as Jonas' rib hasn't broken into separate pieces, which could cause harm to blood vessels or major internal organs such as his lungs, a broken rib is not life-threatening. While the injury will likely be painful, and Jonas will need to be careful to avoid a potential complication like pneumonia, his rib should heal on its own in a couple of months.

While Jonas admits that his injury "kind of hurts," he seemed to be in good spirits during "The Voice" Top 9 broadcast, tweeting short videos about the great performances he was hearing that evening and encouraging America to, "vote, vote vote 'Team Nick.'" This is Jonas' final season on "The Voice," and so it's not surprising that he's chosen to work through his injury. According to treatment guidance for broken ribs as outlined by experts at Healthline, plenty of rest, helpful breathing exercises, and avoiding activities such as heavy lifting and contact sports, should allow Jonas to begin to recover without the need for surgery.