What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Rice Every Day

You may not think it's possible to eat rice every day, but given that rice is such a common staple used in many meals and side dishes, it may not be such a stretch of the imagination to find yourself eating at least some amount of rice every day, or most days.

But is this good for your body?

If you regularly eat sushi rolls, Chinese food, or curry dishes, chances are that white rice is a major component of your meal. White rice starts out initially as whole grain rice, but becomes white rice after going through a refining process. This refining process leaves the white rice with far fewer nutrients compared to when it started as whole grain rice (via Healthline). The downside of white rice is that if eaten in large quantities, it could present some health risks. Researchers have found that overconsumption of white rice can lead to increased risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or type 2 diabetes (via Medical News Today).

How to get the most health benefits out of rice

At the end of the day, rice is an important carbohydrate that provides fuel for the body. Even if you tend to eat mostly white rice, you will still likely gain some nutritional benefits as white rice is often enriched with vitamins and nutrients (via Colorado State University).

But if you are open to mixing things up a bit, there are many other kinds of rice out there, some of which can be great for our health.

Brown rice, which is what white rice is before it goes through the refining process, is unrefined and chock full of nutrients. If brown rice doesn't have the kind of flavor or consistency you're looking for, consider trying wild rice. Its makeup of nutrients is similar to that of brown rice and it can be enjoyed as a complement to many kinds of meals, including soups or risotto. Have you ever tried black and red rice? Researchers have found that this kind of rice contains flavonoids, which means they have antioxidant properties, the same way blueberries do (via The Healthy).

So, if eating rice every day is your thing, consider trying different varieties from time to time to maintain the health benefits.