The Stretch You Need If Push-Ups Hurt Your Wrists

If wrist pain has you skipping push-ups on upper-body workout day, there may be some relief available. A simple stretch could help strengthen your wrists while reducing that frustrating ache. In fact, regular movement is one of the best things you can do for aches and pains in the wrists and forearms (via Silver Sneakers).

So why do we experience wrist pain? People who spend a lot of time on their computer may be particularly susceptible, as their wrist and hand joints are kept fixed in one position for long periods of time throughout the day (via Men's Health). Wrist pain can also be a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can occur when weight is placed repeatedly on the nerves of the wrist, such as during push-ups (via LiveStrong). 

Whatever the reason may be, certain exercises can be hard on your wrists if they require the wrists to bear a great deal of stress or weight. To relieve some of the pain, there's a popular stretch utilized in the trainer world that can be worked into your exercise routine a few minutes before your next push-up workout.

This stretch could help alleviate wrist pain from push-ups and planks

Licensed movement therapist Nikki Chrysostomou tells LiveStrong to start in a standing position with your hands on a solid surface and fingers pointing outwards. Next, rotate your arms outward, lifting your hands and allowing your fingers to point towards your body. With hands still in contact with your chosen surface, lean forward slightly — this should give you a stretching sensation in your forearms, according to Chrysostomou. Finally, flip your hands over, palms facing towards you. The next part of the exercise starts the same way but with your palms facing upward and the back of your hands flat. Slowly lean forward again, keeping your elbows straight, and using the weight of your body to continue to stretch.

It may take some time, but this stretch could soon have you back to your planks and push-ups routine. However, it's also important that you maintain proper form in your exercises. If your alignment is off, your weight won't be evenly distributed on each side of your body and could cause you even more wrist pain.

There are lots of other workout options too that can work your upper body but are more gentle on the wrists. A chest press works a similar muscle group, and plank exercises can be done on your forearms rather than your hands (via Silver Sneakers). If you're still experiencing pain, seek advice from a personal trainer who can provide you with specific modifications.