What It Really Means When You Crave Cinnamon

We've all experienced cravings before — especially when it comes to sweets, and cinnamon falls directly into that category. Cinnamon is a common spice found in many sugary treats like cinnamon buns, cinnamon French toast, or an autumn-themed cinnamon coffee. But does a craving for cinnamon actually mean anything?

While there hasn't been a specific scientific reason found as to why we experience cinnamon cravings, if cinnamon is a main ingredient in a food you find comforting, your craving may be based on your mood or stress level (via LiveStrong). Cinnamon is a beloved ingredient in baked goods, so it could be a result of a sugar craving or a signal of a drop in blood sugar. Your mood can also be a factor as to why you're craving cinnamon treats — especially because the consumption of carbs has been linked to increased levels of serotonin, sometimes thought of as the happiness hormone in the brain. 

Although tasty, a complex carbohydrate or sugary fruit will keep you feeling satisfied longer than a baked good.

Are there nutritional benefits to cinnamon?

Some say cinnamon does have some addictive tendencies, meaning it's craved as more of a comfort food rather than a physical addiction. Cinnamon can be mentally addictive in the same way sugar can because it's also sweet and triggers the pleasure response in the brain (via Bustle). But unlike sugar, cinnamon can actually help satisfy your cravings and keep your blood sugar regulated — without the negative health effects that sugar alone brings to the table.

Overall, it isn't a bad thing to indulge a cinnamon craving. There aren't a ton of health benefits in cinnamon alone, however, as it doesn't contain a vast assortment of nutrients (via LiveStrong). But like with any other food, moderation is key. Too much cinnamon can cause side effects like heartburn, indigestion, or increased bleeding for those taking blood-thinners, which can be especially risky for pregnant women (via Healthline). 

When it comes to sugar versus cinnamon, we say go ahead and enjoy your favorite cinnamon treat the next time the craving strikes!