What It Really Means When It Feels Like There's A Lump In Your Throat

Feeling like you have a lump in your throat is a slightly annoying and, at times, uncomfortable sensation. But is there actually something blocking your throat? Let's look into what's actually happening here.

According to Healthline, feeling like there is a lump in your throat when nothing is physically blocking your airways is called "globus sensation." Many people experience globus sensation at least once in their life. It generally isn't serious unless you have difficulty swallowing, which would mean there actually is severe swelling in your throat or an object blocking your airways. If you feel a lump in your throat and can't swallow, contact a healthcare professional right away.

Doctors are not sure what causes the sensation of a lump in your throat. It may be a result of tight muscles in the neck and throat that can feel like there is a blockage there. Poor muscle coordination in the neck and throat may cause a similar effect. Acid reflux, excess mucus gathering in the throat, and even strong emotions like sadness and pride can cause globus sensation.

A doctor can help you get to the root of the cause

Even though doctors aren't sure exactly what causes globus sensation, they can provide insight if the sensation is worrying you. If you visit your doctor, they will first determine whether or not you are having difficulty swallowing (via Verywell Health). As mentioned earlier, this can be serious. Trouble swallowing may point toward an allergic reaction, an object stuck in your throat, or an underlying health condition. They may run some tests to rule out conditions like dysphagia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, thyroid disease, or cancer.

If you do not have something actually blocking your throat, your doctor may go over your health history and get an idea of how you are currently feeling emotionally and physically. They may recommend speech therapy, muscle relaxation techniques, or therapy if they feel your sensation is being caused by an emotional issue.

It can be frustrating to not understand the cause of globus sensation. Listen to your doctor and their recommendations and you should eventually be able to determine a cause and solution.