Actress Lorina Kamburova's Cause Of Death Explained

Bulgarian-born actress Lorina Kamburova, perhaps most widely known for her role as Betty Hartman in the 2017 "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" prequel, "Leatherface," died in Moscow on May 27 while hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia. Kamburova's close friend, Gennady Avramenko, made the announcement on his Facebook page (via "The terrible news came in the morning today, and our Lorina didn't get out [of the hospital]" wrote Avramenko (translated from Russian).

In addition, reported that, according to some of Kanburova's acquaintances, the rising star had also been diagnosed with coronavirus. Kamburova's London-based talent agency, Core MGMT, also announced the news about the 29-year-old actress' death on Twitter. "Utterly devastated to share the passing of our beautiful client and friend Lorina Kamburova. Cannot even find the words. An incredible young talent, lost far too soon," the agency wrote. "Our love and condolences to her friends and family, she inspired and energised everybody she ever met."

What is bilateral pneumonia?

Bilateral pneumonia, also known less formally as double pneumonia, is when pneumonia infects both lungs. Typically, "double pneumonia is more serious" for anyone, Raymond Casciari, a pulmonologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, confirmed to Prevention. "If you have one good lung, it can meet all of your body's needs until your other lung recovers. But, if both lungs are involved, you're in a fragile situation," he continued. Treatment for bilateral pneumonia will depend on the seriousness of the infection. For bacterial pneumonia, a doctor may prescribe an antibiotic regimen. In the case of viral pneumonia, a patient will likely be prescribed antiviral medications. 

While a connection between Kamburova's COVID-19 and her bilateral pneumonia has yet to be publicly confirmed, pneumonia is known to be a serious side effect of the virus. "American Idol" finalist Chris Sligh learned this in June 2020 when, after testing positive for the coronavirus, he was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia upon entering the hospital (via Variety). When this is the case, Dr. Casciari explained that doctors will be "very aggressive" with treatment. "At the end of the day, you can live on one lung," he explained to Prevention. "When both lungs are affected, it's intense."

In 2019, Kamburova gave an inspiring TEDx Talk in which she described how she turned her fate around after the sudden death of her mother when she was only seven years old. Despite Kamburova's own death at a young age, her example of continuous dedication to self-improvement and persevering through life's challenges will undoubtedly live on.