Why You Should Keep Fresh Flowers In The House

A fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten up your day in an instant and bring your room decor alive. Even though we don't need another reason to admire fresh flowers in our home, research shows there can also be positive health benefits to those beautiful arrangements.

A study by the American Society for Horticultural Science found that appendectomy patients who were exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure, a lower heart rate, as well as reduced levels of pain, anxiety, and fatigue. These same patients also associated more positive feelings with their rooms than patients in rooms without flowers (via House Beautiful).

The health benefits of foliage don't stop there. A 2005 study conducted on senior citizens found that the fragrance of flowers elicited better memory performance, along with mood boosting tendencies (via Best Life).

More and more research has shown a link between environmental design and health or mood. One study found that women in particular reported feeling less stressed after receiving a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers than the other women in the study who received a luxury candle. These same stress reducing findings emerged in a similar study conducted on college students.

Having flowers in your home may improve your sleep

But it's not just women whose moods are lifted after receiving a floral arrangement. A study by Rutgers University found that both men and women were positively impacted after randomly receiving flowers in an elevator.

If a mood boost isn't enough to convince you of the power of flowers, maybe a good night's sleep will. Lavender is known to be a helpful sleep-aid when it comes to relaxation. A study backs up these claims with participants reporting that they felt more well-rested and energetic the following morning after inhaling the scent of lavender the night before, according to Best Life.

There's also an obvious benefit to keeping fresh flowers in your home — it looks pretty and shows your loved ones that you care. So grab a vase and keep those fresh flowers coming, if not for the health benefits, then for home design purposes.