Don't Drink Sparkling Water If You Want A Flat Stomach. Here's Why

Many of us curb cravings for sugary carbonated drinks like soda — or even alcohol — with sparkling water. But have you ever noticed your stomach bloating after enjoying your sparkling water of choice?

Although it seems like these drinks contain little-to-no ingredients, including calories or sugar, sparkling water does contain carbon dioxide to make the water fizzy. That extra gas will be released by belching or burping. But where the bloating comes in is when the gas sticks around in your stomach (via Eating Well). The bloating will be temporary and is described by health experts as a natural occurrence, so there is nothing to be alarmed about.

There are some other negative effects of carbonated sparkling water. Those with irritable bowel syndrome or another related stomach issue may experience some adverse effects to the fizzy waters (via Byrdie). In those cases, it may be best to avoid sparkling water.

How to battle bloating from sparkling water

If you can't kick your carbonated drink craving, try mineral water and see if you still experience bloating. Mineral water is naturally carbonated instead of using carbon dioxide, according to Byrdie. Kombucha, a fermented carbonated drink, could also be a good option, due to its probiotic tendencies.

Overall, choosing sparkling water over another sugar- or calorie-ridden drink choice is the healthier option, and is perfectly fine for most people in moderation. If you don't want the bloat of a carbonated drink at all, try drinking sparkling water slowly and without a straw, as this cuts down on the amount of air that will make it to your stomach, according to Eating Well.

If all else fails and you still experience unwanted bloating, you may be better off sticking to regular old water. Add lemon, cucumber, or other fresh fruit to spice it up, and you may not even miss the carbonation of sparkling water.