Stuntman Alex Harvill's Cause Of Death Explained

Professional motocross racer Alex Harvill has died from his injuries following an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Motorcycle Ramp Jump, which is currently established at 351 feet (via People). In front of spectators, the 28-year-old attempted the jump during a practice run at the 2021 Moses Lake Air Show in Washington State, where he missed his target and was propelled off his bike. 

According to KREM 2 News, Harvill was attempting a 351-foot jump, which is the length of a football field, from goal post to goal post. The record currently belongs to Australian stuntman Robbie Madison, who safely completed the distance in 2008 (via 9News). Madison is reported to have issued his deepest condolences, stating he is "shattered" and "his heart is broken for the family." People magazine reported that in 2013, Harvill previously broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Dirt To Dirt Motorcycle Ramp Jump, with a distance of 297 feet.

Alex Harvill died from blunt force trauma

According to KLXY, the Grant County Sheriff's Office reports that Alex Harvill's death was determined accidental, and the Grant County Coroner, Craig Morrison, ruled blunt force trauma to the torso as his cause of death. The young daredevil was thrown off the bike mid-flight, flew over his handlebars, and TMZ reported that he then crashed into a dirt mound. The Washington Post reports that witnesses stated to have seen his helmet come off as he fell.

"Our deepest sympathies go out to Alex's family, friends and loved ones," the Sheriff's office stated and the Moses Lake Airshow is reportedly devastated by this tragedy, and has stated that they will donate all the proceeds from Thursday's jump to Harvill's medical expenses (via People). 

KREM News revealed that Harvill's family stated, "While this was obviously a very tragic event that unfolded, Alex was doing what he loved to do. And we thank everyone for their outpouring of support" (via The Washington Post). The motocross racer is survived by his new wife, Jessica, and two young sons, Willis and Watson.