Why You Should Start Adding Matcha To Your Oatmeal

Matcha is a popular type of green tea made from grinding specially grown tea leaves into a fine powder. It originated in East Asia but has become widely used in Europe and North America. Here's why you should consider adding this tea to your morning oatmeal.

According to Time, matcha does not have the same slightly bitter taste that often accompanies green tea. "A good quality matcha is bright green and smooth. An average matcha will be yellow and grainy to touch—the tougher leaves of the tea bush," Louise Cheadle, co-author of The Book of Matcha, told Time. The quality of leaves impacts the taste. "A good matcha will not taste bitter at all; there will be a slightly sweet taste."

Matcha's creamy and slightly sweet flavor makes it the perfect mix-in for a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Matcha also contains a more concentrated portion of caffeine than regular green tea, which will give you an energy boost first thing in the morning. Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee, which makes it a perfect substitute for people who need some energy in the morning but feel jittery or shaky after drinking coffee.

Matcha boasts many health benefits

Unlike regular tea leaves, which are steeped and then thrown away, matcha is made from whole tea leaves. This allows drinkers to consume more nutrients than they would normally get from tea.

Some of these nutrients include antioxidants in the form of catechins, which can fight against free radicals in the body and reduce your risk of cell damage and several chronic diseases (via Healthline). Studies have shown that matcha can also improve liver health, boost brain function, prevent certain types of cancer, promote heart health, and assist in weight loss.

Matcha is easy to prepare, as it comes in a powder that can be mixed with water, added to smoothies, or stirred into yogurt or pudding. If you want to add matcha to your oatmeal, make sure to cook your oatmeal with slightly more water than you normally would and add the matcha powder while there is still some liquid in your pot or bowl. This will make sure the matcha fully dissolves and doesn't leave any dry powder in your breakfast. You can eat your oatmeal as-is, or add in blueberries, almonds, or flaxseeds for other health benefits and flavor.