Can You Still Get Gray Hair If You're Young?

For many people, looking in the mirror and finding gray strands of hair is a sign of getting older. Most people do tend to get their first gray hairs starting in their 30s or later. On the other hand, some people such as Marina Diamandis, have publicly spoken about how they began to go gray as early as their teens. 

The most common cause of gray hair in a young person is genetics. However, there are some other factors that are more controllable, such as stress. A recent study discovered that stress can cause a person to develop gray strands of hair but that it is reversible once the stressors are removed (per Science Daily). 

In another study published in the International Journal of Trichology, it was found that premature graying can be a hindrance to self-esteem. The research also notes that people with vitamin deficiencies are nearly twice as likely to develop gray hair at an early age. Hypothyroidism can also contribute to early graying. According to Medical News Today, people who smoke are also much more likely than non-smokers to develop gray hair at an early age.

This is how you can deal with your gray hair

What to do about your gray hair really depends on the reasons behind it. For example, if your gray hair is due to vitamin deficiencies, then supplements and vitamin-rich foods can be helpful (per Medical News Today). 

Researchers recommend being tested for metabolic diseases just to be safe and rule out any possible underlying conditions (via International Journal of Trichology).

Ask your family; when did your family members start noticing gray hairs? If your family members also started developing gray hair at an early age, your gray hair is likely due to genetics. You can't change your genetics, but people have dealt with cosmetic concerns by dying their hair or plucking out their gray strands if they are not too numerous.

Alternatively, you can join the droves of young people who have begun to embrace their gray hair (per The Washington Post).