Why The Right Side Of Your Contact Lens Case Is Always A Different Color

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When you get contacts, you'll notice that the case may be two different colors, with one side usually white and the other often blue or green. The reason for this is simple: the different colors help you separate and remember which contact lens is for your right eye and which is for your left, as you can see in this product listing on Amazon, for instance. If your prescription is identical for both eyes, then you don't have to worry about differentiating them. 

There are also letters on the case to help you — an "R" for right and an "L" for left (via Eyeglass World). However, the different color is an added factor that helps you differentiate the two sides when you can't see well. So when you stumble to the bathroom in the morning, groggy from sleep, the color of your case will probably be the best clue to tell you which lens goes in which eye. And when you take them out before bed, make sure you put your contacts back into their correct sides. Now that you know why your lens case has different colors, let's go over how to take care of both your lenses and their case. 

How to take care of your contact lenses

You need to properly clean and store your contact lenses to avoid problems. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), if you don't clean and store your lenses properly, it could lead to consequences such as infections or irritation in the eye. The AOA recommends making an appointment with your eye doctor right away if you experience any blurred vision, red eyes, discomfort, or pain in or around your eyes. 

Always use the contact solution your optometrist recommended when you got your prescription. Your eyecare professional knows which type and brand are best for you and your contact lenses. Before bed, remove your contact lenses following these steps recommended by the AOA: Wash and dry your hands and start with your right eye. Remove your contact and place it in the palm of your hand, add some solution, and rub both sides with your fingers for about 20 seconds. Rinse with the solution for about 10 seconds, and then place it in your case, making sure it's in the correct side. Fill the well with contact solution and repeat these steps with your left contact lens. Soak overnight or for a minimum of about four hours. After you put your contacts in your eyes in the morning, rinse the case with solution and set it aside to air dry. Replace your contact lens case every one to three months.