This Is What Happens When You Stop Cutting Your Hair

There are a lot of myths in the beauty industry, many of which revolve around our hair. We're told this homemade mask will make our hair grow long while this special technique will make it thicker and more luscious. One topic of discussion that never seems to end is how often you should be cutting your hair. Most hair professionals say that you should get regular trims to keep your hair healthy. Although trims won't affect how quickly your hair grows, they will keep the ends of your hair from drying out and splitting.

"Trims are important because they cut split ends off so they don't climb up the hair and cause more split ends," Mackenzie Day, stylist and owner of The Artist Haus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told The Healthy. Experts generally recommend getting your hair trimmed every six weeks, but your hair type will affect how often you really need to.

"Can regular trims keep your ends clean? Yes," celebrity stylist Harry Josh told Byrdie. "If you feel your hair looks damaged or broken at the ends, I'd recommend a cut every six weeks. But some girls can go for more than six months no problem."

Your hair can still be healthy without trims

While frequent trims are a great way to keep your ends healthy and smooth, it is by no means a requirement for luscious locks. "No, trims are not going to make your hair grow faster," Josh told Byrdie. "It keeps the ends clean, but it doesn't accelerate growth at the root. The misconception grows from the idea that trims remove damage and breakage at the end, but, honestly, if you're suffering from a lot of breakage, you're probably coloring, heat-styling, or just living a lifestyle that is prone to that kind of damage. You're going to need to ease up on those if you want to break the cycle."

If you stop cutting your hair, it is important that you focus on keeping it healthy with the advice above. You can also keep your hair healthy with regular scalp massages and by taking supplements like biotin and collagen (via Mindbodygreen). You can also use a hair conditioning mask once or twice a week to repair damage and prevent dryness from happening in the first place (via Vogue). As long as you keep your hair healthy and strong, you can put off those trims without any issues.