You Might Be Sitting On The Toilet Totally Wrong

It's something you do every day, and it might be something you never give much thought to, but have you ever considered how you sit on the toilet? What about whether you are sitting on the toilet the wrong way? Believe it or not, research suggests there is a better way to sit on a toilet that actually helps your body eliminate waste (via Healthline).

Most people sit on the toilet the way they sit in a chair, and that might not be the best way to help your digestive system do its job. This is because sitting straight doesn't enable your rectal muscles to relax in one line, meaning elimination requires more pushing and strain. According to a small 2019 study, using a modified accessory such as a stool or other device that raises the feet and knees yielded better results (per Healthline). People had more complete bowel movements, strained less, and spent less time in the bathroom. You can find a variety of these potty stools for sale, and most of them are safe and easy to use.

Who should use a potty stool?

If you find that you strain, or if you have constipation, a device that lifts your knees and feet might do more than just help your bowels move (via Healthline). For one thing, straining can tear blood vessels in the rectum or cause hemorrhoids (via WebMD). Therefore, using such devices might reduce hemorrhoids and ease other issues caused by constipation. For those who do struggle with constipation, a potty stool might be the answer. According to Bladder and Bowel, your knees should be higher than your hips when you use a stool. You should place your hands on your thighs while leaning slightly forward with a straight spine. Take deep breaths through your mouth and gently push on your abdomen during inhalation.

The only way to know if a stool can help you in the bathroom is to try one out. You do not need to make an investment right away — simply use a short step stool you have around the house to see if makes a difference (via WebMD).