The Underrated Arm Workout You're Probably Not Doing

Some people love working their arms and others hate it. However you feel about arm day, there are an abundance of ways to work this part of your body. While bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep dips are well-known exercises, you may be sleeping on one that can significantly improve your arm strength.

Wrist curls are a fantastic movement that will strengthen both your forearms and grip strength. These can be performed by curling a dumbbell toward your forearm using the muscles in your wrist (via Livestrong). This exercise strengthens your wrist flexors, which is a term used to describe the muscles that control movement in your forearms, wrists, and hands. According to Livestrong, "a decrease in grip strength may help predict a decline in mobility, mental health, and day-to-day function."

Wrist curls decrease the risk of injury in your forearms and wrists by strengthening the muscles there to give you more stability. They can also help you lift heavier weights in the rest of your workouts, which can lead to a stronger and more stable body overall.

A strong upper body is crucial for your overall health

There are plenty of other reasons to incorporate wrist curls and other arm workouts into your fitness routine. A strong back will improve your posture, which in turn can decrease back pain and even boost your mood (via HuffPost). Just like wrist curls, working your upper body can reduce the risk of injury in your back, shoulders, and arms. HuffPost advises to "think of your arm, shoulder, chest, and back muscles as your upper body's suit of armor against pain" when it comes to strengthening that part of the body.

Strong muscles in your upper body will improve all of your workouts. (You still need strong arms if you're going to grab heavy dumbbells during leg day!) You'll be able to move more quickly and lift heavier weights when you work out. It can also keep your bones strong as you get older and your bones tend to get weaker. Weight training and resistance training can build density in your bones as you get older, helping you stay healthy in your old age.