When You Drink Water Before Bed, This Is What Happens

We all know some people who are diligent about getting an adequate amount of water in throughout their day, while others hardly think about their fluid intake. According to Good Morning America, up to 75% of Americans are dehydrated on a regular basis, which is shown to be linked to fatigue, increased risk of urinary tract infections, weight gain, and headaches. Healthline reports that when you don't get enough water in, your physical performance, brain function, and mood can be negatively affected, even if you are just mildly dehydrated.

As crucial as it is to stay well hydrated, you may be surprised to know that in some circumstances, drinking too much water can cause an adverse reaction. Specifically, if you drink water before bed, it can affect your quality of sleep. The Sleep Foundation reports that there is a need for balanced hydration — too much fluid intake can lead to interrupted sleep, also called nocturia, due to a more frequent need to use the bathroom in the nighttime. In turn, lack of sleep has been linked to dehydration. This is thought to be because, during sleep, your body releases hormones to help you retain water — this helps prevent dehydration during the hours when you're not taking in any fluid. But when sleep is interrupted, this process may be interrupted as well.

Try this to avoid dehydration and sleep through the night

According to the Sleep Foundation, prioritizing a good night's sleep will help prevent nighttime dehydration, as the body's natural circadian rhythm supports the management of fluid levels. For optimal balance, Healthline suggests to try drinking more water throughout the day, and to avoid drinking large amounts of fluids for up to two hours before your bedtime. This should help you to sleep uninterrupted through the night. Sweating can also lead to interrupted sleep as well as nighttime dehydration, so the Sleep Foundation suggests keeping your bedroom on the cooler side.

Medical News Today reports that there is little evidence suggesting that drinking water at night is beneficial. And doing this can negatively impact your quality of sleep, which can lead to unwanted symptoms like cognitive cloudiness, poor judgement, weight gain, and even an increased risk for medical conditions (via WebMD). So for the sake of your sleep and overall health, get into a groove of healthy hydration during the daytime hours.