Does Crystal Deodorant Really Work?

Natural deodorant options have exploded in popularity lately. Many people have switched to natural beauty products to avoid chemicals and strange ingredients. Deodorant has been in the spotlight lately because of studies that have suggested the aluminum used in antiperspirants may be harmful to your health (via Penn Medicine). While more research is needed on this topic, there's no denying the interest in deodorant alternatives.

Crystal deodorant is an enticing option because it is made mostly from a natural, nontoxic ingredient: mineral salt. "Crystal deodorants use zeolite mineral salts, such as potassium alum or ammonium alum, which may have natural antimicrobial properties," Suzanne Friedler, MD, board-certified dermatologist told Prevention. "These mineral salts slow down bacterial growth, which is responsible for odor."

This product does not contain ingredients like parabens, phthalates, dyes, and fragrances, which can cause irritation issues in people with sensitive skin. You can purchase crystal deodorant to be used as a stone, spray, roll-on, or stick.

This type of deodorant isn't for everyone

Crystal deodorant has been successful for many people. However, the evidence to suggest its effectiveness is mostly anecdotal. This product does not work as an antiperspirant, so it won't prevent sweaty armpits (via Men's Health). If you're a heavy sweater who needs odor control and moisture prevention, this deodorant probably isn't the best bet for you.

New crystal deodorant users should also be aware that switching to this product will likely result in a detox period of increased underarm odor as your body adjusts to it (via Byrdie). "When people have been using mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants, their bodies are prevented from sweating — ingredients like propylene glycol and aluminum salts stop the natural process of sweat," organic skincare guru Susan Griffin-Black, co-founder of EO Products, said. "The first few weeks of using a deodorant without these ingredients [aluminum and preservatives] is often the smelliest time of a person's life!" There is always the risk of developing an allergic reaction to a new product as well. Ultimately, using crystal deodorant is a personal preference based on your lifestyle and body.