How Can You Keep Your Body Cool Without Air Conditioning?

Trying to beat the summer heat without air conditioning is tough — especially if you live in the southern U.S., where temperatures are not only hot, but also humid. It may seem impossible, but there are ways to keep your body cool.

Water is your friend when it's hot. The first step to keeping your body cool is to drink plenty of water. Water prevents dehydration, and it helps lower your body's core temperature. Healthline recommends drinking coconut water because it contains electrolytes and minerals that your body needs to combat dehydration. You can also help your body from overheating by soaking your feet in some cool water. All you need is a bucket or plastic tub, some water, and ice. Soak your feet for about 20 minutes for a refreshing break from the heat. MedicineNet notes that frequent baths and showers work to keep you cool. A spray bottle filled with water works as a soothing refresher between showers. Keep it in the fridge and simply spray your skin for a quick refresher.

Other tips to help you withstand heat

When it comes to staying cool, you need to dress accordingly. MedicineNet suggests wearing loose-fitting clothing, cotton fabric, as it will keep you cooler. If you are going to be outside, wear a light color. However, if it is unbearably hot, you should avoid the outdoors. While not a piece of clothing, you might want to consider donning a compress to keep your cool. Your body regulates your body temperature based on your skin, so placing a wet washcloth on pulse points is a good idea, according to Popular Science. These points include your neck, wrists, and around your temples.

Another essential is a fan. You can use an oscillating fan to help blow air in a room, or you can invest in a personal fan to blow directly on your body. Some even spray a cooling mist. But you don't need a fancy one. Remember that water bottle? Spraying water on your skin in front of a fan can help cool your body.

Finally, if the heat is too much to handle, make your way to an area with air conditioning. Visit a library or shopping mall during the hottest parts of the day to help stay cool.