Why Handball Is The Method Of Exercise You've Been Missing

If you have yet to play handball, whether in the street, an arena, or in a league, you may want to consider giving this high-intensity game a shot. According to the SU University of Bath, handball is played by an estimated 19 million people in 180 countries across five continents. 

The sport requires speed, strength, stamina, agility, precision, skill, and teamwork. Playing the game is like a cross between basketball and soccer. You can dribble the ball, but instead of shooting it in a net, you use your hands to throw it into a goal, similar to how you would score in soccer (via Rules of Sport). Every game lasts for a total of 60 minutes and consists of two teams, each made up of seven players. Handball is an intense, fun, and competitive form of exercise, but what have you been missing out on if you haven't played it before?

Handball can help you stay fit

The Defeat Diabetes Foundation shares that handball offers anaerobic and musculoskeletal benefits, as there are many high-intensity moments during the game. However, playing handball does require a certain level of fitness, as you have to be able to jump, lunge, and throw. If you are physically fit enough to play, Health Fitness Revolution says that handball can be a full-body workout. Some bonuses to playing handball are that you get an equal workout on both sides of the body because you use both hands, and you can further develop your hand-eye coordination. 

Mentally, you may be able to improve your focus through handball. The sport requires being able to stay calm while under pressure and the ability to remain focused. Overall, handball can be a rewarding game, whether you want to play competitively or just for fun with your peers. Best of all, the risk of injury is low, as long as you stretch and engage in basic conditioning.