This Is What Dr. Oz's Daily Workout Routine Looks Like

Dr. Oz may be well known as the star of "The Dr. Oz Show" and a health and wellness guru, but that doesn't mean many people — including his loyal fans — actually know personal details about him. Some might not know that he first shot to stardom as a result of guest appearances on Oprah's talk show. Others may not realize that his breakfast normally consists of two things: a small cup of Greek yogurt with blackberries (via Goalcast). Dr. Oz is also devoted to his morning exercise routine, which is surprisingly short but still packs a punch and energizes him for the day ahead.

As hard as it can be to get moving in the morning, Dr. Oz's 7-minute workout is short enough to be squeezed into any schedule. He recommends doing it first thing in the morning to stretch out and get the heart pumping before eating, but what does it involve?

Dr. Oz's morning routine includes yoga and push-ups

Dr. Oz's exercise routine includes a combination of challenging stretches, along with classic yoga positions like plank and downward dog, alternating with several sets of push-ups. The routine can be viewed on Dr. Oz's website, where he explains that he does it "to keep me firm and in the best shape I can be, and to get ready for the day."

The morning workout was designed by New York City trainer Joel Harper, who has worked with the Oz family for over a decade. "It stretches out the kinks caused by sleeping or sitting and elevates your heart rate to rev your metabolism and boost your energy," Harper told Shape. "And the routine works every major muscle, so you'll squeeze in some sculpting too."

Just 7 minutes first thing in the morning might not sound like much, but unless you work out regularly and are already in great shape, you'll feel the burn.