The First Thing You Should Do After Exercising

What do you do after your workout? Your post-workout routine is essential for recovery and rebuilding, and there are some things you need to avoid. For example, have you ever been injured from working out or were too sore or tired to exercise the next day? The following activities could have caused that. Avoid them for good workout recovery. 

Well+Good advises to never eat foods with a lot of fat after your workout because they slow down your digestive process. You need something that's going to digest quickly. Another piece of advice they give is not sitting still for the rest of the day, which is nearly impossible if you work at a desk. If you go from your workout directly to sitting all day, you'll be more likely to get an injury. Lastly, avoid skimping on sleep. You need to sleep well to help your body rebuild after working out. 

Men's Health adds that you'll want to avoid doing heavy chores after your workout. You might feel like you're already sweaty, so why not tackle the snow-filled driveway or clean up the leaves? Leave those chores for when you're rested and ready for more exercise. So, what should you do after your workout to help your body recover, refuel, and rest?

After exercise routine

Plan to spend about 30 minutes with your post-workout routine. According to Shape, the first thing you should do after exercising is three-part. First, stretch your warm muscles before you cool down, within 30 minutes after exercise. Trying to stretch cold, contracted muscles can cause an injury. Stretch for five minutes, and then do some foam rolling for five minutes. 

Part two is showering so you can rinse away all that sweat, which, if you don't shower and then sit in your workout clothes, can create bacteria, fungus, and yeast. If you can't shower, change into some clean, dry clothes. Make sure you take 10 minutes for your shower, so you have time for part three, which is refueling. It's best to eat something with protein and carbs within 30 minutes after exercising so you can replenish your muscles and reduce soreness. 

Healthline also mentions the importance of rehydrating after your workout. Go for about 16 ounces of water with your post-exercise snack. Gulping that water will help you gain strength and flexibility and reduce soreness, so you can work out tomorrow without issue.