What's Really Causing The Acne On Your Cheeks

Acne is a common but annoying occurrence for most people. According to Self, acne is caused by clogged pores due to dirt, oil, or dead skin. If bacteria gets trapped in the pores as well, the area becomes inflamed and may fill with pus. While some people get acne all over their face, some may only get blemishes on certain areas.

There are many reasons you can get acne on certain parts of your face, like your cheeks. Although experts aren't certain why you may only get blemishes on your cheeks, there are some theories. Genetics may play a role, as well as environmental factors. Anything that is pressed against your face, like a phone or pillowcase, can clog pores and transfer bacteria to your skin. An easy way to fight against cheek acne is to wash the items that touch your cheeks on a regular basis. Sanitize your phone every day and wash your pillowcases at least once a week to keep them clean.

Best skincare routine for acne

If you have acne on your cheeks despite your best efforts to keep your hands, phone, and pillows clean, you can still fight your blemishes with a good skincare routine. According to Byrdie, adults with acne should wash their faces twice a day to avoid oil buildup in pores. Find a gentle cleanser to use in the morning that contains salicylic acid, which can gently exfoliate the skin and reduce buildup. Spot treatment products can then be used to target new and existing blemishes directly. Choose a spot treatment product that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Both are powerful acne-fighting ingredients.

Your evening skincare routine should be similar to your morning one. It is especially important to wash your face in the evening to remove makeup, dirt, oil, and other impurities that have accumulated on your skin during the day. A moisturizing night cream will also keep your skin from becoming dry and inflamed, which can worsen your acne. However, you should avoid using too many products on acne-prone skin, because they may end up clogging your pores on their own.