What It Really Means When You Dream About Airports

Our individual dream worlds are unique to each of us. Born from our subconscious, dreams indicate you're in a deep sleep and may offer messages that can, if understood properly, be used in your waking life. According to WebMD, dreams may be "important for memory consolidation or conflict resolution" as well as "mood regulation." 

You may be wondering if the things you dream about have meaning. If you've ever had a dream about airports, in particular, you should know that they fall under an interesting umbrella of dreams that includes dreams about being lost, dreams about aliens, and dreams about being late. All of these things see the dreamer in a world in which they're out of control. They certainly can't control aliens, but they're also helpless when lost somewhere or destined to be late because their dream has dictated as such. Similarly, if you're dreaming about an airport, your destination is thought to be out of your control. Or your dream may be hoping to help inform you about upcoming changes in your life that may or may not be in your control (via Auntyflo).

Airport dreams could mean someone in your life is using you

Airport dreams are common, according to the Dream Glossary, and there's a good reason why. Airports are thought to represent community, unity, and mobility, but they also represent confusion and endless possibilities. However, Dream Glossary notes that you shouldn't interpret your airport dreams if you've recently been to one. In this case, your brain is processing your recent experience and not offering you insights.

According to Dreaming and Sleeping, some believe that airport dreams mean that big life changes are coming your way. More specifically, these dreams can indicate the movement of people in your life. Perhaps someone important will enter your life soon, or perhaps someone may be leaving your life, whether temporarily or permanently. These dreams evoke an intersection and therefore can mean opportunities are coming your way, too, pulling you down a certain path. These opportunities could even be the things that bring or remove the aforementioned people from your life.

Moreover, the Dream Glossary notes that seeing airports in the distance rather than up close potentially means that someone in your life is using you. If this is the case, you should take a step back and examine those close to you for who is acting the most authentically and who may be poisoning your waters. Of course, dreaming about airports could mean you'll be traveling in the future, but these dreams' meanings aren't always that surface level.