These New Eye Drops Might Be Able To Replace Your Reading Glasses

It seems that needing reading glasses is one of the inevitable things that occur with getting older. This condition, called presbyopia, is a natural part of aging, albeit an annoying one. Presbyopia happens when your eyes can't focus on things that are close to your face, making it difficult to read. It is caused when the lens of your eye loses its flexibility and becomes stiff, which makes it hard to focus. Some people might start to see signs of it after they turn 40, and it slowly worsens until approximately the age of 60, when the condition levels off, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Most of the time, reaching for a pair of readers is enough of a solution for most people. Some people might prefer to wear contacts that help correct their vision. Refractive surgery, such as LASIK, is also an option as well as lens replacement surgery or corneal inlays, per the Cleveland Clinic.

New eye drops offer a temporary solution

Newly FDA-approved eye drops offer another promising solution for presbyopia. The drops, called Vuity, became available to the public on Thursday, December 9, 2021. In just about 15 minutes, one drop in each eye can improve vision for six to 10 hours, as reported by CBS. Dr. George Waring explained that the drops work by reducing the size of the pupil, which allows the eye to focus at different ranges.

A spokesperson for Vuity told CBS that a one-month supply of the drops costs about $80, and the drug is not currently covered by health insurance. The manufacturer also noted that the drops are not a universal cure for presbyopia, and they should not be used at night or in settings with low light. In addition, the drops are recommended for people with mild or intermediate cases of presbyopia, and they work best for individuals between the ages of 40 and 55. The company said a three-month trial of the drug revealed side effects that included red eyes and headaches.