This Is Why Your Stomach Feels Cold After A Workout

If you've ever experienced new and strange sensations after working out, you're not alone. According to Elite Daily, exercise can cause an array of bizarre side effects, such as an increased need to use the bathroom, muscle twitching, itchiness, and labored breathing. These bodily sensations can vary from person to person and are generally considered harmless. Additionally, the type of reaction you have may also depend on what exercise you do, as different activities can cause different effects. For example, you might not experience the same side effects after running as you would after riding a bike. 

But what about side effects that seem a little extra weird? For instance, you may feel that your stomach gets cold after an intense workout. While it seems like a cause for concern, science suggests there's a logical reason why this happens. And though it may feel strange, it's a common effect for many, according to Elite Daily. 

Blood flow can divert heat away from your stomach

During exercise, your body transfers heat to the most active muscles. For example, when running, blood flow moves toward larger muscle groups such as the quads and away from less active muscle groups like the abs (via Livestrong). This can cause the cold sensation you may feel on your stomach after a run.

"Comparatively, your torso is not generating as much heat during exercise," Luke Belval, a post-doctoral research fellow, told Livestrong. "One of the functions of the increased blood flow is to carry heat away from the muscles to the skin where it can be released into the environment. Your legs could feel warmer because the muscles are likely warmer." In addition to blood flowing toward more active tissues, it also tends to flow away from specific organs such as the kidney, liver, and stomach, resulting in a cooled-down torso.