If You Notice This On Your Eyes, It Could Be A Sign Of High Cholesterol

When your cholesterol is high, you have an overabundance of fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Over time, they can grow and break free, causing a clot that might lead to a heart attack or stroke, per the Mayo Clinic. High cholesterol can be dangerous because, like high blood pressure, it has no outward symptoms. The only way to be sure if your cholesterol is high is to have your blood checked.

That being said, there are a few physical symptoms that might indicate you have high cholesterol. For example, peripheral arterial disease occurs when fatty deposits reduce circulation in the legs, which can cause pain or cramps in legs, or make them feel heavy (via Medical News Today). Another condition that may suggest you have high cholesterol is small, fatty bumps, called eruptive xanthoma, typically located around your elbows, buttocks, legs, and the backs of your thighs, according to Healthline.

Your eyes can also show signs of high cholesterol

Another condition that could be an indicator of high cholesterol is the presence of a light ring around the outer edges of your cornea called arcus senilis. The ring might be a shade of blue, gray, or white, and it may completely circle the cornea or just part of it. This condition is more common in older people, and men seem to have it more than women. Arcus senilis is also linked with diabetes, excessive alcohol use, high blood pressure, and smoking (via Verywell Health). Sometimes, this ring is harmless in older people, and the only way to be certain if it is an indication of high cholesterol is to have your blood checked.

If you have noticed a ring around your cornea or any other changes in your eye color, including yellowing of the whites of your eyes, you should visit an optometrist.