Is It Okay To Use Vaseline On Your Face?

Vaseline is a common household product used for a variety of purposes. The thick, greasy compound is petroleum jelly, which is made from a blend of mineral oil and waxes, per Vaseline. A little dab on door hinges will keep them from squeaking, and it works wonders for tight windows that are hard to open. According to Reader's Digest, you can apply it to chrome parts on bikes and tools to keep them from rusting.

The product has other advantages, such as removing chewing gum and water stains from wood surfaces, according to Reader's Digest. Also, Vaseline can help remove lipstick stains, add shine to leather goods, and prevent car battery erosion. In addition to all the things you can do around the house, there are also personal care uses as well, such as removing makeup, soothing chapped lips, and extending how long the scent of your perfume lasts on your skin. But is vaseline actually safe to use on your body and face?

The ways you should and shouldn't use Vaseline on your skin

Perhaps Vaseline's best uses are protecting the skin and promoting its overall health (via Healthline). While Vaseline doesn't add moisture, it can help seal it in, making it ideal for treating dry skin when combined with other moisturizers. Additionally, Vaseline may help treat certain skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. Vaseline can help reduce the inflammation caused by rosacea and help the skin heal. Since dry skin can often prompt psoriasis, Vaseline can work wonders to prevent it. And if anti-aging benefits interest you, Vaseline's been found to regulate skin peptides and slow the signs of aging.

While Vaseline is considered a safe and effective remedy for many conditions, there are times it may not be the best option. Since it forms a barrier on your skin, you shouldn't use it to treat sunburns because it can hold in heat and worsen symptoms, according to Healthline. Aloe may be a better bet in this case. For the same reason, you shouldn't apply it to fresh burns. Also, those with acne or acne-prone skin should avoid using Vaseline which can trigger breakouts and make acne worse.