Fitness Influencer Ali Kay Reveals How Movement Changed Her Life - Exclusive

Ali Kay is a working mom who runs her own business while parenting her two active boys. She's also a fitness influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram. Ali started sharing her fitness journey in 2020. She wanted to show other busy working parents that it is possible to make time for fitness — no matter how busy you are. In January 2021, one of her videos went viral and she found herself in the spotlight.

Since then, she's used her platform to share the ways fitness has impacted her life and how it can change others' lives. She started a personal coaching business and a podcast so she could reach even more people and make personal connections with people who want to transform their lives. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Ali talked about how her life has changed for the better since she started her fitness journey.

Fitness improved her mental health

Before Ali Kay started working out regularly, she wasn't in a great place physically, mentally, or emotionally. She'd just had her second son and she was struggling to take care of herself. Ali said that she was eating in a way that didn't make her body feel good. She didn't have a movement routine. That's when Ali realized that something needed to change.

She started small, pushing her sons in the stroller just five minutes a day. Ali worked her way up to a 30-minute stroller walk and then a 30-minute stroller run. She started to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ali began to understand that prioritizing movement meant that she was prioritizing herself and her wellbeing. Ali is also open with her children about the role exercise plays in maintaining her mental health. She tells her little ones, "'Look guys, mommy is just feeling a little down. I'm going to go run and make it better.'"

Although she initially started exercising to lose postpartum weight, Ali said that her mindset shifted quickly. She realized that working out was much more about her mental health than her physical health or her body image. She needs to move her body so she can be her best self each day.

Fitness gave her confidence

Before she started working out, Ali said she "didn't really have the confidence to believe in myself to do things I truly wanted to do." But as she continued to stick to her movement plan and see results, Ali gained the confidence to share her journey on social media. After getting an overwhelmingly positive response, her confidence continued to increase. She got courageous enough to start her own business and then her own podcast.

Now, she shows others how to gain that confidence in their own lives through her personal coaching business and her "Invest Your Best" podcast. On the podcast, she talks "all about how to live your best life, mentally, physically, and spiritually, really focusing on what we can control, which is our thinking and our actions." Ali emphasizes the fact that she's still on this journey as well, and definitely doesn't have all the answers. However, she has the confidence to know that she does have valuable experience to share.

For tips on how to invest in your best, follow Ali Kay on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, and check out her podcast, "Invest Your Best with Ali Kay."