Never Wax Your Arms. Here's Why

Many people choose to wax parts of their bodies for long-term hair loss. Whether you wax to improve your self-confidence or save yourself the hassle of shaving every few days, there are many benefits to this beauty practice. However, there's one body part you may want to avoid waxing: your arms. According to Bustle, many people who decide to wax their arms end up dealing with skin irritation in the form of red bumps, pain, and burning.

Waxing your arms also puts you at a greater risk of sun damage immediately after, as a fresh wax makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays. That sensitivity also makes you more prone to getting an infection if you dealt with an esthetician who didn't clean their tools very well. Finally, the period of time it takes to grow out your arm hair after waxing will probably be more annoying than with other body parts, like your legs. If you really want to wax your arms, go ahead. Just be aware of the potential risks and downsides of this procedure.

Benefits of waxing

While your arms aren't the best candidate for a wax, there are plenty of benefits of this shaving alternative when it comes to other parts of your body. When wax is applied to your skin and then removed, it peels away the top layer of dead skin cells with it (via Elle). The results are similar to what you would experience after using an exfoliator all over your body, although not as strong as when using a real exfoliator. It is still recommended that you exfoliate your skin the night before a wax for the best experience.

One common misconception about waxing is that it causes your hair to grow back thicker. Actually, the opposite may be true. Wax pulls hair from the roots, unlike shaving, which cuts hair where it meets the skin. Over time, waxing damages your hair follicles and can cause the hair to grow back thinner and weaker. And as your hair becomes finer with each wax session, the process will become more comfortable. Plus, it takes longer for hair to grow back, which means you can wait several weeks in between sessions. Stick to a well-reviewed licensed esthetician and you should have a great waxing experience.