When You Take A Bath Every Day, This Is What Happens

There's nothing quite as relaxing as taking a hot bath in the evening. Some people look forward to this practice at the end of each day to relax, but is it bad for you to take a bath every day? According to Bustle, bathing should be about relaxing and not getting clean. During a bath, your dead skin cells slough off and have nowhere to go, so they hang around in the water with you. This won't cause any health issues, but it is pretty gross.

Unfortunately, health issues aren't out of the question when it comes to baths. Bubble baths are one of the most common causes of urinary tract infections (UTIs) because they allow chemicals to get into your urethra. Showering, which rinses soap and chemicals down the drain, won't cause this problem. Another reason to avoid baths is the germ content that can be found in your tub. It's gross to think about, but baths can be 100 times more germ-filled than garbage cans (via Chicago Tribune). Keeping your bathtub nice and clean can help with this, but the reality is that a bath lets you soak in all the germs you've gathered on your body that day. You can still enjoy your daily bath if you really want to, but be sure to take a quick shower afterward to actually get clean.

How hot bath water affects your body

It's not just germs from baths that can negatively affect you. Most people take hot baths, but hot water can be damaging to your skin. While hot water offers some benefits like respiratory relief and muscle relaxation, it can also dry out your skin (via Healthline). Hot water can also make some skin conditions like eczema worse and cause you to itch. It can even increase your blood pressure, so you should avoid hot baths if you have issues with high blood pressure or heart disease.

Of course, hot baths offer plenty of benefits too. According to Eat This, Not That!, taking a hot bath can burn calories, help you sleep better, and reduce inflammation. The most important thing to remember when taking baths regularly is to keep your tub clean. This will prevent germs from piling up and sitting in your bath water while you soak. Rinsing off before your bath and taking a thorough shower afterward can also help you get the most out of this practice without hurting your health.