Peloton Instructor Emma Lovewell Explains Why Joyful Movement Is The Key To Fitness – Exclusive

Fitness is not just a passion for Emma Lovewell, it's also the basis of her wildly successful career. Lovewell made her love for movement into a career when she became a professional dancer, and she expanded that career by becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She taught cycling, Pilates, and strength training programs at several different gyms and helped her own clients meet their health and wellness goals.

But Lovewell's desire to help people was limited by her reach. Only so many people could attend each class she taught — and there were only so many hours in a week to meet with personal clients. So, she decided to find a way to bring fitness to as many people as possible, which led her to Peloton.

Now her classes are attended by thousands of people all over the world, who come to Lovewell for the inspiration they need to meet their fitness goals. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Lovewell revealed how finding a movement program you love is the key to reaching all your fitness goals.

Enjoyment = consistency

One thing Emma Lovewell has learned from her personal fitness journey and her fitness career is that "it's really important to find something that you enjoy." She continued, saying, "If you don't enjoy it, then you're not going to do it."

Lovewell stressed the importance of trying all different kinds of movement programs in order to find something you really love. One of the many reasons she loves Peloton so much is because of the many different types of classes offered. "We have cycling. We have tread. We have strength. We have meditation. We have yoga. We have dance-cardio. We have Pilates. We have boxing. ... We have barre! We have so many things for different people to try."

Yes, those who sign up for Peloton can try out as many programs as they want until they find one they enjoy, and, according to Lovewell, that enjoyment will provide the motivation they need to stick to the program.

Reaching new levels

When people find a movement program they love and really stick to it, they can surpass their own expectations in ways that are truly inspiring, according to Emma Lovewell. "I love hearing people who have at one time doubted themselves and their capability, their strength, their power. I love hearing those stories and just seeing people reach new levels within themselves with their confidence, with their strength, all of that."

Lovewell said inspiring people to reach new fitness levels and combat their self-doubt is her favorite thing about being a Peloton instructor. She revealed that she gets messages from people all the time about how Peloton and her classes have helped them, and that these messages inspire her "to be better, to try harder, to dream bigger."

Lovewell also loves inspiring people outside of her classes. Recently, she's teamed up with Kite Hill, a plant-based food brand, for their Gateway to Good project. The project focuses on how community, in person or online, can help people meet their goals.

For the next month, keep an eye out on Kite Hill's website and social media channels for details on the giveaway, delicious plant-based recipes and tips from Emma Lovewell on how to inspire your friends and loved ones to open their Gateway to Good this year!