Why Your Love Life Might Slow Down In Spring

Love is in the air! Well, maybe. Spring may free you from the dark and cold winter months, but that doesn't mean that everything will be butterflies and rainbows. Despite the sun shining more often and the temperatures rising, you may experience changes to your body and a slower love life in the spring. But shouldn't going outside in the sun increase your mood and thus increase your love life? Some evidence points to the contrary.

Interestingly, health experts have found that humans have biological functions that do not follow the same patterns across all seasons. Many of us already know that certain aspects of our lives, such as our biological wake and sleep cycles, are actually driven by daylight and seasonality. But that's not the only thing driven by light and seasons. Hormonal and mood changes are also cyclical according to the seasons and the amount of light we're exposed to (via WebMD). And these changes can all impact what's happening in our bedrooms.

Our desires may be deeply ingrained

According to WebMD, there's evidence that many people's love lives are less active in the winter months and continue to remain low throughout the spring. Evidence suggests that it's more common to conceive in late summer and early autumn months, which may be due to the fact that testosterone doesn't peak until summer and autumn. Also, sexually transmitted diseases rise in late fall and early winter, further suggesting bedroom activities follow seasonal patterns. 

One study aimed to capture the sexual diaries of single males. The study concluded their love lives were actually fairly low in the spring and increased as they entered the fall months (via WebMD). What's interesting is that these patterns have also been seen in the love lives of our early ancestors, who preferred mating in the fall in order to give birth in the spring, when food and supplies were more bountiful. So perhaps it's simply been hardwired into our biology and continues to influence our mating and love-making patterns in today's modern era, despite Amazon's year-round, same-day deliveries.