Inside Queen Elizabeth's COVID-19 Diagnosis

As we reach the two year marker of COVID-19, most people have hit their wall and long-surpassed pandemic fatigue. While some still actively fear the spread of the virus, many have decided to move on with their lives and in the hope of life going back to normal, as reported by The Guardian. But the virus still continues to spread and its most recent shocking host has been Queen Elizabeth II.

COVID-19 prevention and safety measures in the United Kingdom have certainly lightened up over the past few months, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently ending self-isolation rules as reported by The Daily Mail. However, as BBC announced the queen testing positive for the virus will likely stir up some concern, mainly for the monarch herself, but also as a reminder that the pandemic is ongoing and no one is immune. This is not the first time the royal family has encountered the virus. In 2020 both Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla tested positive for COVID-19.

The Queen is triple vaccinated

BBC broke the news on February 20, 2022 that Queen Elizabeth II has tested positive for COVID-19. The Royal family reported to BBC that the Queen has, "mild cold-like symptoms," and will continue to perform some of her minor duties at Windsor Castle. The news comes shortly after Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla tested positive, while Prince Charles already previously tested positive in 2020. The Queen reportedly spent time with Prince Charles and Camilla on February 8, 2022 during an investiture at Windsor Castle, according to The Times. It was only recently that the Queen began to resume her public engagements after she was put on a doctor ordered rest 3 months ago, her first appearance since the rest was on February 5, 2022 for the eve of her jubilee, as reported by The New York Post.

At 95-years old it's good to hear that the Queen is only suffering mild symptoms. This could be due to the fact that she is reportedly triple vaccinated including the COVID-19 booster shot, as are Charles and Camilla. According to BBC, the palace revealed that, "She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines."