Does Lavender Oil Actually Help Your Hair Grow?

Each of us may be at different stages in our hair journeys. Some of us are looking for products to strengthen and lengthen, whereas others are wanting to treat hair loss or possibly dry scalp. Since essential oils have become immensely popular as home remedies due to their amazing health benefits, it's no wonder this alternative option may also be beneficial for hair health (via Healthline). Lavender oil — a crowd favorite — is at the top of the list for its perks for hair health.

One of the major hair perks of lavender oil is it encourages hair growth (per Healthline). In fact, one study found lavender to be an effective growth-promoting agent because it helps the hair to grow both quicker and thicker. While this study was tested on mice, according to Healthline it's still safe to use lavender oil on your hair when applied with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

As a bonus, lavender oil has antimicrobial properties which may help with an itchy scalp. While itchy scalps or dandruff are common and don't cause hair loss, severe scratching can (Medical News Today). However, lavender oil can fight the inflammation and accelerate hair growth, according to Healthline.

The best ways to use lavender oil in your hair

Adding lavender oil to your hair care regime is easy to do. There's a variety of ways to add it, but what's most important is to properly dilute the oil, use lavender sparingly, and know what your hair goals are. For instance, besides the impressive hair growth properties, the oil also has a nice aroma, produces a calming effect, and may help prevent head lice (per Healthline). Once you understand your hair goals, here are four common ways to incorporate lavender on wash days.

For those wanting the most intensive treatment to stimulate scalp care and hair growth, Healthline suggests massaging the diluted oil directly into the scalp. Another method is to add a couple of drops of lavender to a hair mask (via MindBodyGreen). A third option mentioned by Healthline is to add no more than 5 drops of oil to any hair product. Lastly, consider buying lavender-infused products.

While lavender oil may offer impressive benefits, there are other factors that may improve hair growth. According to WebMD, make sure to handle your hair with care by not overly heating it, getting a scalp massage, reducing stress levels, eating foods to support hair, and being mindful of hair dying. If you're still concerned about your hair health, always chat with your physician.