What Science Says About Babies Born In May

What do Audrey Hepburn, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, George Clooney, and Queen Victoria all have in common? They were all born in May! In addition to sharing a birthday month with famous icons, people who are born in May are thought to be happy, prosperous, and optimistic, according to Good Housekeeping. Just as May itself is filled with colorful flowers and new beginnings, research has concluded that those with May birthdays are likely to see the bright side of things.

From infancy to adulthood, people born in May are creative, driven to succeed, and possess strength of body and mind (via TinyBeans). If you are the parent of a child born in May, you can rest assured that they have traits that will propel them to success and stability in adulthood. May babies are also thought to become excellent parents themselves! Whether you are raising a May baby or you have a May birthday yourself, here is what you should know about babies born in the month of May.

May babies can grow up to be happier and healthier

Yes, it's true! When compared with babies born during the other 11 months of the year, babies born during the month of May are likely to be happier and healthier. People born in May are apt to score higher on the hyperthymic scale, which measures optimism and positive disposition (via Time). When it comes to health, May babies are less inclined to experience illness as children. People born in May also tend to experience lower rates of heart disease over their lifetimes (per Columbia University Irving Medical Center). It is proposed that babies born in the late spring are exposed to higher levels of vitamin D during their first few months out of the womb, which may contribute to better lifetime health, according to U.S. News & World Report.

And it's not just good health May babies can look forward to. In their future careers, people born in May can be found in a variety of professional roles, according to The Telegraph. From accountants to doctors to teachers, May babies are talented in a plethora of skillsets. And given the impressive list of celebrities with May birthdays, babies born in May also grow up to be accomplished in the arts!

The symbols that represent May babies

May babies are bestowed with many symbols of good fortune that make them lucky. The symbolic meanings of being born in May are rooted in prosperity and optimism. The emerald, the birthstone of May babies, represents fortune, youthfulness, and connection to the earth with its green color akin to the prosperous growth of May flowers (via Good Housekeeping). And speaking of May flowers, the symbolic flower of the month is the lily, which represents humility, a sweet nature, and lucky in love.

The astrological signs governing May babies are Gemini and Taurus, according to Allure. Babies born before May 21 are ruled by Taurus, babies born on or after May 21 are ruled by Gemini, and the babies born around the turnover point are considered to be "cuspers," in possession of traits from both astrological signs. Taurus is an earth sign with a bull as its guiding figure. People born under Taurus are thought to be serene, dependable, and in pursuit of stability. In contrast, Gemini is an air sign represented by the celestial twins, and those with Gemini as their astrological sign are thought to be playful, spontaneous, and to move fluidly.