Does Listening To Music Help People With ADHD Focus Better?

Listening to music can have an effect on you, such as by evoking feelings of happiness or getting you energized, according to Healthline. Many people also listen to music while studying or reading. While some people would find this to be distracting, a 2014 paper in Music & Memory showed that using pop music as background noise did not hinder most college students' studying. In fact, some people with ADHD or ADD actually use music to help them focus on tasks.

One of the most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) causes children to have exceptional difficulty paying attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While it is completely normal for children to have trouble focusing, a child with ADHD does not grow out of these behaviors, and the symptoms may impact their daily life. Music may help to relieve these symptoms and help a child or adult focus on a task.

Certain genres of music may help with ADHD symptoms

It may seem counterintuitive to listen to music to alleviate ADHD symptoms. After all, music can be seen as a distraction which may not help people who are already distracted. However, studies show that may not be the case, as long as the right music is listened to. Healthline recommends using calm, medium-tempo music.

A 2011 study in Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology looked at boys with ADHD and found that classroom performance improved for many of the boys when they listened to music while working. However, it's important to note that some of the participants were still distracted by the music. While music may be too distracting for some, what about noise in general? A 2016 study in Frontiers in Psychology showed that children who listened to white noise in the background improved their memory.

While the verdict is out on if music is beneficial for all people with ADHD, a certain level of music or noise may help some people improve their focus, memorization, and concentration. Stick with instrumental music that has a rhythm, isn't too loud, and is calming.