The Unexpected Benefit Of Scrambled Eggs When You Have A Sore Throat

Having a sore throat is no fun. Not only is it downright uncomfortable, but it also makes eating incredibly difficult when it's painful. There are many ways to treat a sore throat and help your body fight the infection or virus causing it. Treatments range from prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine to simple, at-home remedies designed to provide relief, as per the Mayo Clinic. Some of these at-home treatments include resting your body and voice, sucking on lozenges, drinking plenty of fluids, humidifying the air, gargling with warm salt water, and eating certain foods that won't irritate the throat.

One food that many people might not think of when it comes to aiding a scratchy throat is scrambled eggs. MedicalNewsToday points out that the soft nature of eggs makes them an excellent choice for passing through a sore throat without too much pain or increased inflammation. Another benefit is that eggs provide the body with a decent influx of protein, which is necessary for tissue healing. One 2019 study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences suggested that protein deficiency is detrimental to immune health, while malnutrition can slow down wound healing. Upping your protein intake in the form of eggs and ensuring you're eating other nutrient-rich foods can be essential to healing your throat.

Scrambled eggs contain a couple of other immune-system-boosting properties, namely zinc and vitamin D, as per Livestrong. Both zinc and vitamin D are anti-inflammatory and work with immune cells to keep the body healthy.

What to eat and avoid eating if you have a sore throat

If you're dealing with a sore throat, you'll want to stock up on (or have someone else stock up on) a few key foods to ease your discomfort and promote healing. Healthline explains that anything soft and easy to swallow is generally a good bet to prevent additional irritation when you eat. This can include yogurt, warmed and cooked oatmeal, smoothies, mashed potatoes, popsicles, and soups.

Healthcare Associates of Texas adds a few other ideas, including ginger, which has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that fight against disease-causing pathogens. You may also want to add some honey to a cup of warm tea for more anti-inflammation power. If your sore throat is accompanied by open scratches, honey has been shown to improve wound healing, as per a 2013 study in the Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

You should also be attentive to certain foods that will make your sore throat worse while it's still healing (via Healthline). These include anything that might require extra effort to swallow or that contains pointed and scratchy edges, such as crackers, crusty bread, and dry snack foods. It's also a good idea to stay away from citric fruits, which can irritate the sore throat even further. MedicalNewsToday says that sour or brined foods, such as pickles, can make the inflammation in your throat worse and should also be avoided.