You're Probably Wearing The Wrong Bra Size. Here's How To Change That

If you wear a bra, there's a pretty good chance you're wearing the wrong size. That's because research has shown that around 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size, most of whom are wearing bras that are too small (via HuffPost). This is often because many people don't realize that cup size is not a measure of your breasts, but a measure of the distance between the size of your breasts and your ribcage. Although wearing the wrong bra size may not cause any permanent damage, it can be very uncomfortable and may even cause other issues.

According to WebMD, wearing a bra that is too tight can squish your breasts and cause friction, resulting in breast pain, nipple pain, and skin irritation. Some experts even believe that ill-fitting bras may contribute to neck and back pain. However, others claim that this is not simply related to bra size, but also the size of your breasts. That's because people with larger breasts are more likely to have problems with posture and back pain if they wear bras that don't offer enough support. 

How to find the right bra size

If your bra doesn't fit, you should be able to tell by how loose or tight the band and cups are on your body. Generally speaking, you should be able to fit two fingers underneath the band of your bra (via PR Newswire). If you can't, your bra may be too tight. If you can fit more than two fingers, it may be too loose. Your cups should also fit your breasts firmly but comfortably. If there's a gap between the cups and your breasts, your bra is likely too loose.

To find the correct bra size, use a tape measure to measure the area around your ribcage and underneath your breasts. This number will be your band size. Don't follow the old-school method of adding 4 inches. Then measure the same area over your breasts. The difference between these two measurements will determine your cup size. For example, a difference of 1 inch will signal an A-cup, and a difference of 3 inches will signal a C-cup. Once you have these numbers, you can plug them into a bra size calculator to get the most accurate results.