Researchers Say These 3 Bedroom Behaviors Boost A Woman's Chance Of Orgasm

Reaching the Big O is pleasurable, steamy, and oh-so gratifying. While there's no wrong or right way to reach this firework moment, there is still an orgasm gap between men and women. One study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior examined the orgasm gap by surveying nearly 53,000 participants in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 65 years about their orgasm frequency.

Researchers found that when women are sexually intimate, 86% of lesbians usually or always orgasmed, followed by 66% of bisexual women. Meanwhile, heterosexual women orgasmed the least at 65%. One explanation Elisabeth Lloyd, co-author of the study, points out is, "About 30% of men actually think that intercourse is the best way for women to have orgasm, and that is sort of a tragic figure because it couldn't be more incorrect" (per The Guardian).

Then how do you boost a woman's chance of orgasm? According to the study, there are three key bedroom behaviors – deep kissing, oral sex, and manual genital stimulation. These three are labeled by researchers as the "golden trio" for increasing female orgasms, notes The Guardian. Among those who reported engaging in those three activities in their most recent sexual encounter, 80% of straight women reported usually or always having an orgasm during sex.

What are other ways to have more orgasms?

That's right: there are even more ways to achieve that oh-yes moment! The study pointed out that sexy talk, wearing lingerie, longer sex sessions, praising your partner, having more oral sex, and verbalizing your love are all associated with a higher frequency of orgasm (via Archives of Sexual Behavior). Believe it or not, trying new sex positions, acting out your latest fantasies, verbalizing what you need in bed, and overall satisfaction in your relationship may also lead to more orgasms.

For mind-blowing orgasms, it's also important to know what types of female orgasms there are. Women's Health points out that there are many different types of orgasms, including clitoral, anal, nipple, g-spot, vaginal, and even blended orgasms which arise from the stimulation of more than one body part.

Regardless, no orgasm is better than another. "If you need vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation all at once to have an orgasm, that's awesome too," says sex educator Searah Deysach to Women's Health. Have an open mind and explore because "After all, an orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm," continues Deysach.

Lastly, concentrate on your breathing, get in tune with your body, and appreciate your body to reach climax, shares Everyday Health. If you're feeling up for it, try adding in some sex toys too.