What Science Says About Babies Born In July

Temperatures aren't the only thing that's hot about July. In fact, July is one of the most popular birth months (per Unity Point), which may be due to its occurrence nine months after the start of the holiday season. Birthdates in early July are common, while a birthdate around July 24 aligns with potential conception on Halloween (via Happiest Baby).

Not only are July babies high in population, but they're in the midst of some amazing celebrities with July birthdays, including Jennifer Lopez, Harrison Ford, Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, and many more. Come on, who doesn't want to share a birth month with the great Tom Hanks?

If the list of celebrities with July birthdates doesn't indicate the talent possessed by July babies, then you should know that studies suggest babies born in July are primed for health. The Independent reports that a 2015 study from Cambridge University discovered that people born during summer months are more likely to be tall than people born during other seasons. They also have a higher birth weight and later pubertal development, on average.

The researchers believe this may be due to the increased exposure to vitamin D that summer babies' mothers receive during pregnancy. Per Healthline, vitamin D can increase immunity and reduce the risk of serious illnesses, improve mood, and aid in weight management. The July sun these babies are born under can definitely give their lives more of a sunny outlook.

July babies may be optimistic

July babes have some pretty awesome qualities in their corner. Babies born in July are more likely to be optimistic, and their sunny disposition is supported by scientific findings. A 2014 study published in the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology discovered that people with July birthdates are more likely to be positive, sometimes even to an excessive extent (via ScienceDaily).

Perhaps one reason for their sunnier moods is the greater ability of people born during the summer to self-regulate, as a 2016 study published in Frontiers in Public Health reported. While everyone has moments when their emotions get the best of them, study participants born during the summer season exhibited more self-control and better coping skills.

Not only are July babies more likely to be optimistic, but they're also more likely to be creative. Happiest Baby reports that U.K. census data found people who worked as artists, as well as in other occupations involving handy work, were more likely to have July birthdays. Additionally, people born in July are more inclined to be left-handed. For extra confirmation of the creativity of these summertime babies, a 2019 survey determined that people who are left-handed tend to self-identify as being creative and artistically inclined (via Fast Company). Who knows, perhaps your July baby will be the next Frida Kahlo (who was also born in July!).

July has valuable symbols

The symbols governing July illustrate the positive qualities of people born during this summer month. July's birthstone is the ruby, which has been held in high regard throughout history (via Happiest Baby). Considered to be the most valuable gemstone, rubies are symbolic of wisdom and success, says Vogue. More specifically, rubies are thought to represent success in love, health, and wealth. The flowers tied to July, larkspurs and water lilies, are also symbolic of happy dispositions, strength of love and relationships, and the traits of purity, grace, and majesty. 

Discussing the potential perks of having a July birthday wouldn't be complete without bringing astrology into the fold. According to Happiest Baby, babies whose birthdates fall between July 1st and 22nd are born under Cancer, while babies born between July 23rd and 31st are born under Leo. Both of these zodiac signs are aligned with the happy, loving qualities often possessed by July babes, with Cancers thought to be compassionate, loving, and sensitive, while Leos are considered confident, charismatic, and fiercely loyal. For a baby born between July 19th and 25th, they're considered a "Cancer-Leo cusper" and thought to possess qualities of both zodiac signs, says PinkVilla. No matter the zodiac sign, it seems like July babies often grow up to be amazing people!