How To Treat Burned Fingers

Have you ever been pulling a hot pan out of the oven when you felt a sharp pain on your finger? Whether it's due to kitchen appliances, hot hair tools, or other scorching situations, finger burns happen all the time. Even though they're common, they are no fun to deal with. Burns on your finger can range from mild to severe and need to be treated differently depending on the severity of the wound (via Medical News Today).

There are three different kinds of burns: first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. First-degree burns are the most common and only affect the first layer of skin. They cause redness, pain, and swelling, but usually heal within a week without any blistering or scarring. To treat a first-degree finger burn, run the affected area under cool water for at least 10 minutes or until the pain subsides. You can also apply a sterile gauze bandage to keep the area clean and protected until it has fully healed.

Second-degree and third-degree burns

Second-degree finger burns are more serious than first-degree burns. These burns damage the top and underlying layer of skin, which will be red, swollen, and probably blistered after the burn happens (via Medical News Today). The pain is more intense than first-degree burns and you will have difficulty using the finger that has been burned. You can treat second-degree burns the same way that you treat first-degree burns, but you may also need to use an antibiotic cream on the area to prevent infection (via Cleveland Clinic).

Third-degree burns are the most serious type of burn. These burns damage all layers of the skin and can even damage the nerves and muscles underneath. Third-degree burns will look white or black and may be charred, and the area may be numb because the nerves have been damaged. These types of burns require immediate medical attention and should not be treated at home. These burns often require skin grafts to fully heal the area and may require the patient to be in the hospital depending on the extent of the burns.