How Mindy Kaling Found Joy In Working Out

Despite the strides that have been made in celebrating diverse body types, many people still expect people who work out regularly to look thin and toned. However, after years of putting herself through punishing workouts to attain an elusive and unrealistic body type, 42-year-old Mindy Kaling is now more interested in exercise that brings her joy, according to Well+Good.

Up until recently, Mindy Kaling said she felt "sheepish" sharing her love of exercise because she didn't look a certain way, but the actress, comedienne, writer, and producer has been working out regularly for over two decades. Except now, instead of trying to achieve a certain look, her goal is to exercise to make her feel centered, healthy, and happy. She says that her approach to fitness helps her to stay healthy. Since she says she looks like the average American mom, she hopes that owning her love of exercise will inspire other women to openly embrace fitness.

Putting her money where her mouth is, Mindy Kaling has partnered with Propel to provide grants to trainers who are focusing on making fitness more inclusive and welcoming to people with wide-ranging body types, per Well+Good.

These exercise options will bring you joy

If you're someone who doesn't like working out, there are countless options to make your workout more fun. For instance, did you love roller skating or rollerblading as a kid? Well, according to the experts at CNET, you can enjoy it again while getting terrific health benefits. Skating provides low-impact cardio while also strengthening your core and leg muscles.

And if you love to dance, you're in luck! Dancing is a great way to get in cardio whether you want a chill low-impact workout or to dial up the intensity. Dancing can also improve brain function and enhance your mood through increased social interaction.

Former ballet dancer and the Jump Rope Queen of social media​​ Janine Delaney tells The Healthy that jumping rope is also an effective workout choice. Jumping rope is a low-cost, portable activity that you can do almost anywhere.

Instead of watching the baseball game on TV, go with a few friends to the local batting cage to get in some swings that will probably not only be a lot of laughs but also a solid workout for your arms and upper body.

For Mindy Kaling, getting in an enjoyable exercise is as simple as taking a walk with her loved ones (per Well+Good). There are many fun ways to stay fit, no matter your body type. So, instead of saying "no" to exercise, it's time to start saying, "No more excuses!"