The Best Exercises For A Pinched Nerve In Your Shoulder

A pinched nerve occurs when surrounding tissues in the body put too much pressure on a nerve, causing it to become compressed. This pressure can lead to tingling, numbness, and pain in the affected area and can occur anywhere in the body. According to the Cleveland Clinic, pinched nerves are actually quite common, affecting around 85 out of 100,000 adults in the U.S. every year.

While anyone can experience a pinched nerve at any time, people over the age of 50 are more likely to have them than younger adults. This is largely due to the prevalence of spinal degeneration and arthritis in older adults. Regardless of how old you are, however, most pinched nerves either originate in the neck or back, and the effects can radiate to other areas of the body. For example, a pinched nerve in the neck can also affect your arm and shoulder, causing pain and numbness in the region.

How to stretch a pinched nerve affecting your shoulder

If you have a pinched nerve affecting your shoulder area, you can help relieve your pain and take some pressure off of the nerve by doing a few simple postural stretches. One helpful exercise is known as a neck retraction (via LiveStrong). This can be done by pulling your head back, keeping your jaw level, and retracting your neck. Hold this position for 5 seconds, feeling the back of your neck stretch. Another important exercise is the corner stretch, which involves standing in a corner with your hands out at shoulder height and putting each one on the wall as you lean into the corner.

You can also help relieve shoulder pain from a pinched nerve by performing a neck stretch. To do this, put your left hand on the right side of your head and place your right hand behind your back. Then, slowly and gently move your head toward your left shoulder. You should be able to feel a stretch on the right side of your neck. To stretch the left side of your neck, switch sides and repeat this motion with your right hand on the left side of your head and your left hand behind your back.